Ashland's Happiest happy hour

Daily 4pm - 6pm 

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Cocktail Menu


Silver tequila, agave, lime  4

Gin + Tonic

Gin, soda water, lime  4

Old Fashioned

Bourbon, demerara, bitters  5

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey, egg white, lemon, cane, bitters  5


Silver rum, lime, cane  5

Gold Rush

Whiskey, simple honey, lemon  5


Gin, cane, lemon, bitters  5


Rye, absinthe, demerara, bitters  6 


Food Menu

Loaded Mash

Mash topped with peppers & onions, crumbled bacon,  shredded cheddar  5

Mini Hummus Plate

Warm Hummus, pita, carrots, cucumbers  5

Charlie Dog

Polish sausage, garlic mash, onions, peppers, crumbled  bacon, melted cheese  6

Sausage Dog

Polish sausage, kraut, Dijon mustard  4

Mini Sausage Plate

Beer brat, trio of mustards, kraut  5

Beef Stew

Chunks of beef with diced potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions slowly cooked to perfection  6

Grilled Cheese

Honey butter glazed sourdough, melted cheddar, balsamic drizzle  5.50